Security Token Solution

Sound and reliable fund-raising realized by J-STO

Elimination of Scam issues

Strict examinations and audits will be established for businesses.

Expectations for new entrants

With improved reliability, new entrants such as large and professional investors can be expected to participate.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring investor protection and regulatory compliance.

What's STO

STO (Security Token Offering) is a new way of fund-raising by issuing Security Tokens using Blockchain technology.
Although the definition of "Security Token" is not unique, it means, that Digital Tokens represent the rights applicable to securities.

"Security Tokens" in J-STO are given to investors as a position of the contractual status of the Silent Partnership (business-type fund). At present, the legal system regarding STO is undeveloped and unclear in Japan. In the future, legal amendments may change the regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act for STO.




  • Nonregistered Financial Instruments Business Operators
  • Business conditions are not open to the public
  • Unidentified issuer
  • Vague regulatory framework
  • No provision of investor protection


  • Financial Instruments Business Operators Intervention
  • Disclosure of business condition, financial situation, etc.
  • Thorough DD (Due Diligence)
  • Establish guidelines for regulation and protection
  • Provide necessary information in investment decisions


Official Statement of the SEC

The SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) introduces the application of innovation and valuable technology in the securities market.
(Reference: Statement on Digital Asset Securities Issuance and Trading)

Swiss Exchange plans STO

The Swiss Exchange (SIX) has announced that in the second half of 2019 it will launch the SIX Digital Trading Platform (SDX: SIX Digital Exchange) service, which can be used to trade digital assets, and will issue its own Security Tokens by making SDX an ecosystem.
(Reference: Swiss exchange SIX to launch blockchain bourse in second half)

Pricewaterhouse Coopers(PwC) Report

  • In 2017, the concept of STOs was pioneered as 2 STOs raised around USD 22mn
  • In 2018, STO figures grew exponentially to 28 STOs and USD 442mn in volume
  • The biggest STO so far was tZERO (subsidiary of eCommerce giant overstock.com), which managed to raise USD 134mn in Q3 2018

(Reference: 4th ICO / STO Report [P.7] "The Rise of Security Token Offerings (STOs)")

From Japan,
LEVIAS realizes J-STO

What's J-STO?

J-STO is the name (trademark pending) of our unique solution, a kind of STO conducted by business-type funds (collective investment scheme) under the current Japanese laws. Investors, who invest in the business-type fund (collective investment scheme) will get "Security Tokens" which also represent their positions. The LEVIAS-STO Solution will collaborate with financial operators, law firms, technology operators and other professionals to support fund-raising for global entrepreneurs.


Legal Certainty

Developing a collective investment scheme (J-STO fund) in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law by Financial Instruments Business Operators. Conduct legal checks by professional lawyers.

eco system

Eco-system Deployment

Players with different strengths come together, and each professional promotes the project as a community.


Providing Technology

Providing resources by Blockchain, AI, IoT, and other ICT related companies.