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Japan's first fund-raising through a third-party allotment using Equity-type Security Token Notice of payment completion of "J-STO (Japan Security Token Offering) Equity" by investors

At the Board of Directors meeting held on September 24, 2019, the LEVIAS resolved to manage information related to all of the Company's shares in a digital manner utilizing blockchain technology.

Besides, at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders and the Board of Directors held on October 8, 2019, the resolution was made to issue new shares through a Third-Party Allotment (Hereinafter referred to as the “Third-Party Allotment” and the shares issued by this Third-Party Allotment are referred to as “The New Shares”.).

Also, regarding the Third-Party Allotment, the payment procedure has been completed as of October 18, 2019. LEVIAS informs as follows.

LEVIAS has developed a transmission protocol and dedicated interface (Hereafter referred to as "J-STO Platform") that enables digitally managing information on company shares by the Blockchain. As a result, it can perform digital management from traditional management in analog, such as shareholder lists, contracts and so on.

Therefore, we hereby report that "J-STO Equity", the first Japanese fundraising through third-party allotment using the J-STO platform, has been implemented.

"J-STO Equity" means our company's brand name (trademark pending), which means that we will use blockchain technology to raise funds by issuing new shares, renew the shareholder name of the list, and manage and process information of shares.

In "J-STO Equity", the same number of Equity-type Security Tokens* as the new shares have undertaken by those who have bought to the new shares are provided.
*electronic voucher/token recorded on a private Blockchain managed by the LEVIAS, and it is referred to as the “Security Token”

With the implementation of J-STO Equity, the same number of Security Tokens were granted to existing our shareholders as the Company's shares held by each of our shareholders.

Shareholders of the LEVIAS can view information on the Company's shares held on the dedicated interface developed by the LEVIAS that can be connected via the Internet (On the "My Page" of the J-STO platform).

Users of the J-STO platform can buy and sell shares of the Company through the platform, and requests for approval to transfer the Company's shares to the Board of Directors also be made through the platform.

Our shareholder list is managed on the Blockchain (private Blockchain managed by us) that constitutes the J-STO platform. If the shares of the LEVIAS are transferred following proper procedures, the shareholder name of the list will be automatically rewritten by the program (smart contract) implemented on the Blockchain.

To improve the convenience of the J-STO platform and the Security Token, LEVIAS is going to continue to upgrade with adding new functions.

Purpose of the Third-Party Allotment

LEVIAS plans to use the funds procured through this third-party allotment to strengthen the financial base and develop network systems that accompany the use of Security Token to promote business expansion in the future J-STO solutions.


  • Type and number of the new shares: 250 common shares
  • Payment amount of the new shares JPY 200,000 per share
  • Percentage of issued shares: 4.76%
  • Total amount paid: JPY 50,000,000
  • Capital after capital increase (including capital reserve): JPY 100,000,000
  • Subscription or allocation method: According to third-party allocation
  • Payment date: October 18, 2019

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